The Harrison County YMCA Website

So basically, I really want to include this in my portfolio because I poured a lot of heart and soul into its success. I designed it all from scratch, content and design wise, and it was a crazy ton of work. I do have to say I am quite proud of the product. You can see the whole website here, or you can just check out the screenshots below. I’m only going to include a few I consider “temporarily satisfying”, because someday I’ll learn something new and have to continue to improve them. Graphics are also made by me and follow strict Y-USA branding guidelines.

Messy Fun Party

So the first thing isn’t a screenshot…sorry. It’s just a blog post about something I ALSO designed from the ground up. I introduced messy fun parties to the Y as a method of generating income, first off; but I also wanted to be sensitive to the needs of children in the area. Messy fun also means “sensory”, and sometimes kids struggle with that. You can see the blog on that topic riiiiiight here, with silly pictures too! This has become a profitable venture at my Y.

Day Camp Page

Front Page

Lifeguarding Page


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