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I loved working this contract so much, and I really miss it, even though it was only a year. I enjoyed working with design, and I got to learn not only ABOUT design, but about designING. It was awesome. Here are a few links to the blogs I wrote + the infographics I created.

Guy Fawkes History
The Power of Black and White Design
Really Common Logo Mistakes
What’s In a Name? A Company, Actually 
How are Business Cards Made?

And my favorite and most popular piece, Why a Siren, Starbucks?
I blew up this piece on Pinterest and it continues to perform well. It has shares and, at the time of this writing, almost 2,000 views with absolutely zero advertisement.

Why the Siren Article Performed So Well
I think there are a couple of reasons the Starbucks article performed well and will continue to do so:

– Relevant: The post is relevant to the industry of design since it’s about Starbucks and their logo. This means that when people landed on the page, it made sense for them to see this post on a Logo blog.
– Interesting: Just because the post is on a logo blog does not mean it has to be boring or appeal just to people looking for a logo. Traffic = good. People who were just curious about the logo could click on this and didn’t feel any pressure to buy, but they were aware of the brand if they were interested. If not, they came and found something fun.
A Commonly Asked Question as a Title: Why DID Starbucks choose a siren? It seems kind of silly, and so the title intrigued people to click.
– Linkbacks: There are links here that lead you to other high-ranking resources on the Starbucks logo, which makes Google a happy camper.

Anyway, just some more examples for the portfolio!


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